Quest 4
Do We Really Want To Bring Him Back?

Left with no other option, Valaina and David escape from the giant ants, carrying their fallen comrade Emos. They decide to return to Certis who had clearly been having an argument with a woman as they arrived. Certis is upset by the news of 4 of the party falling as they tried to help the slaves. When they show him the body of Emos, he explains that while resurrection is very rare in the world, it’s especially frowned on in Bramwald. He says that the party will only get thrown in jail if townspeople hear that they are seeking resurrection, but knows of a shaman that might be able to aid them. He mentions that he would like to have the woman in the room with him to aid the party for this. She introduces herself as Six, a human psion, and explains that sometimes a spirit might need to be convinced to return to the body, and that she feels she can be of aid, but it is unclear whether there are other motives.

The party seeks out the shaman, Inoen, in a shanty on the outskirts of town. The Inoen describes that while a proper resurrection circle wouldn’t be found anywhere near Bramwald, he believes he knows of a place that would serve the purpose. He mentions that Bramwald used to have a teleportation circle used to quickly send diplomats to other cities. However as the city closed itself off to other cities, teleportation was banned and the circle had since fallen to ruin. He warns that a modified resurrection such as this would be unpredictable and suggests Emos might not return the same.

The party follows Inoen to the abandoned teleportation circle where they come across a group of humans and elves fighting a lone Tiefling. The party is unable to determine what is going on, but always liking the underdog, they opt for helping the Tiefling. The group dispatches of the enemies where the Tiefling introduces himself as Zolpidem, a Swordmage who had been fighting defilers of the circle. He agreed to aid the party in resurrecting Emos.

Inoen started the ritual and after several hours, the demons Emos seemed to have a pact with took over his body and started attacking the party. The party fought back, trying to weaken the demon. As they did they noticed a second person trying to attach to the body. The weaker the demons got, the longer this spirit seemed to keep hold of the body. When the demons were finally weakened enough, Inoen finished the ritual. Inoen explained that while the demons seemed to still have an attachment to the body, the new spirit seemed to have attached itself strongly enough to subdue them. The body stirred and as it gained strength, Emos began to explain that while his memory is sketchy, he remembers being a powerful bard in a past life. Hoping to remember some of his lost knowledge, he asks to join the party , hoping that new adventures will lead to new stories to be told.

Quest 3
Ants Everywhere

The party traveled to the abandoned section of the city where the armory was supposed to be located. The noticed loose mounds of dirt becoming increasingly common as they got closer to their destination. It wasn’t long before the party discovered that the area had been overrun with Giant Ants, and lots of them.

The party killed all kinds of workers, soldiers and drones. As they reached the entrance to the armory, they encountered a Hive Queen. The encounter was a disaster for the party. While they almost came out of the fight victorious, there were some casualties. Anialav was left to die by a seemingly unconcerned Valaina. Elleron and Gary also fell victim to the queen and was left to die. Emos was also killed, but David was able to drag his body away from the queen.

David and Valaina were left with no choice but to return to town and find someone to bring Emos back from the dead.

Quest 2
Settling In

As the party left the temple, they were told that they were free to move about the city as long as they stayed out of the Ironworks district. While walking through the market, they noticed a merchant beating a woman with a bronze ring around her neck. The party talked to the merchant and discovered that this was a slave that had messed up a delivery. The merchant explained that while he was aware that towns outside of Bramwald didn’t agree with slavery, it worked well for the town, and the party should mind their own business.

The party decided to look into this more and asked where they could acquire a slave. The merchant directed the party to the worker registration building. The party found that different caste of slaves wore different types of rings. Bronze was the most common and was the lowest tier worker. Silver was more uncommon and usually designated to less demanding tasks. Gold rings were the highest and typically reserved for diplomats and other high ranking members of the community. The party decided to purchase a silver tiered slave and were given Aldross, an older woman who had been doing housework for a noble in town.

Aldross explained to the party that while slaves used to have almost all of the rights other citizens of Bramwald have, there was a slave revolt 20 years ago that ended that. After the failed revolt, slaves were under closer watch and many of their freedoms were taken away as punishment. The party was told that there was a slave leader that could be found in the Irornworks district that is working on improving the conditions for slaves. If one or two party members took a slave with them, traveling to the Ironworks would be less suspicious.

The party decided to free Aldross and in return, Aldross decided to assist the party with information. Anialav and Elleron decided that Anialav would wear Aldross’s silver ring and have Elleron escort her into the slave district. There they found Certis, the slave leader. After talking with Certis and convincing him of their intentions of sparking another slave revolt, a skeptical Certis told them that there was an abandoned armory on the outskirts of town where some weapons and armor were stored during the original slave revolt. He mentioned that the place had been overrun, but if it could be cleared to the entrance, Certis might be able to recover some items to assist in a revolt. Elleron and Anialav decided to help and left to inform the rest of the party.

On the way out of the Ironworks, Elleron and Anialav were ambushed by slave bandits. Nearly killed, the two were able to escape, but had to give up their gold in return.

In the meantime, another group of bandits surprised the rest of the party, who had been sleeping in the inn. The party was able to fight off the bandits just as Anialav and Elleron returned to the inn. The party was brought to speed on the plan to help the slaves and decided to move forward with it the next day.

Quest 1
Leaving Jackport

Starting in Jackport, the party was summoned by the local temple administrators to deliver a package to the temple in Bramwald. The package was very bulky and heavy, but the party was provided with mounts to carry the package.

While resting on the way to Bramwald, some thieve released the horses and attempted to steal the package, but the party was able to fight them off and protect it. Later the party ran across a group of merchants that were tied up and wounded. They had told the party that a group of bandits nearby had attacked them and offered the party a reward for their capture. The party was suspicious of the deal, and soon their suspicions were confirmed when they found that the bandits were actually freed slaves. The party agreed to help the slaves by pretending they were returning captured slaves and then surprising the merchants with an attack (the Chewbacca strategy).

The party arrived in Bramwald where they were told to avoid wandering around the city. The party was escorted by guard to the temple where they turned in the package. The party discovered that the package was actually a document that had a magical enchantment making it hard to move as a way to prohibit tampering. The party was rewarded and told that rooms had been provided for them in the inn, where they were to return.


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