Quest 1

Leaving Jackport

Starting in Jackport, the party was summoned by the local temple administrators to deliver a package to the temple in Bramwald. The package was very bulky and heavy, but the party was provided with mounts to carry the package.

While resting on the way to Bramwald, some thieve released the horses and attempted to steal the package, but the party was able to fight them off and protect it. Later the party ran across a group of merchants that were tied up and wounded. They had told the party that a group of bandits nearby had attacked them and offered the party a reward for their capture. The party was suspicious of the deal, and soon their suspicions were confirmed when they found that the bandits were actually freed slaves. The party agreed to help the slaves by pretending they were returning captured slaves and then surprising the merchants with an attack (the Chewbacca strategy).

The party arrived in Bramwald where they were told to avoid wandering around the city. The party was escorted by guard to the temple where they turned in the package. The party discovered that the package was actually a document that had a magical enchantment making it hard to move as a way to prohibit tampering. The party was rewarded and told that rooms had been provided for them in the inn, where they were to return.



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