Quest 3

Ants Everywhere

The party traveled to the abandoned section of the city where the armory was supposed to be located. The noticed loose mounds of dirt becoming increasingly common as they got closer to their destination. It wasn’t long before the party discovered that the area had been overrun with Giant Ants, and lots of them.

The party killed all kinds of workers, soldiers and drones. As they reached the entrance to the armory, they encountered a Hive Queen. The encounter was a disaster for the party. While they almost came out of the fight victorious, there were some casualties. Anialav was left to die by a seemingly unconcerned Valaina. Elleron and Gary also fell victim to the queen and was left to die. Emos was also killed, but David was able to drag his body away from the queen.

David and Valaina were left with no choice but to return to town and find someone to bring Emos back from the dead.



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