Quest 4

Do We Really Want To Bring Him Back?

Left with no other option, Valaina and David escape from the giant ants, carrying their fallen comrade Emos. They decide to return to Certis who had clearly been having an argument with a woman as they arrived. Certis is upset by the news of 4 of the party falling as they tried to help the slaves. When they show him the body of Emos, he explains that while resurrection is very rare in the world, it’s especially frowned on in Bramwald. He says that the party will only get thrown in jail if townspeople hear that they are seeking resurrection, but knows of a shaman that might be able to aid them. He mentions that he would like to have the woman in the room with him to aid the party for this. She introduces herself as Six, a human psion, and explains that sometimes a spirit might need to be convinced to return to the body, and that she feels she can be of aid, but it is unclear whether there are other motives.

The party seeks out the shaman, Inoen, in a shanty on the outskirts of town. The Inoen describes that while a proper resurrection circle wouldn’t be found anywhere near Bramwald, he believes he knows of a place that would serve the purpose. He mentions that Bramwald used to have a teleportation circle used to quickly send diplomats to other cities. However as the city closed itself off to other cities, teleportation was banned and the circle had since fallen to ruin. He warns that a modified resurrection such as this would be unpredictable and suggests Emos might not return the same.

The party follows Inoen to the abandoned teleportation circle where they come across a group of humans and elves fighting a lone Tiefling. The party is unable to determine what is going on, but always liking the underdog, they opt for helping the Tiefling. The group dispatches of the enemies where the Tiefling introduces himself as Zolpidem, a Swordmage who had been fighting defilers of the circle. He agreed to aid the party in resurrecting Emos.

Inoen started the ritual and after several hours, the demons Emos seemed to have a pact with took over his body and started attacking the party. The party fought back, trying to weaken the demon. As they did they noticed a second person trying to attach to the body. The weaker the demons got, the longer this spirit seemed to keep hold of the body. When the demons were finally weakened enough, Inoen finished the ritual. Inoen explained that while the demons seemed to still have an attachment to the body, the new spirit seemed to have attached itself strongly enough to subdue them. The body stirred and as it gained strength, Emos began to explain that while his memory is sketchy, he remembers being a powerful bard in a past life. Hoping to remember some of his lost knowledge, he asks to join the party , hoping that new adventures will lead to new stories to be told.



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